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R-PAL vs. Black Diamond Titan December 10 2014

The R-PAL sizes up to the massive Black Diamond Titan. Is this a case of David and Goliath, or is the Titan worth it's weight in lumens?

Watch our most recent video on YouTube.

R-PAL vs. Coleman Pack-Away Puck Light 250 December 04 2014

The Coleman Pack-Away Puck Light 250 is the most advanced lantern we have encountered so far, sharing many characteristics with the R-PAL.  It also resembles a hockey puck.

See how it compares.

R-PAL Review at Every Day Commentary November 10 2014

An honest review is hard to come by, but if you want the truth, Tony Sculimbrene is your man.  We sent him an R-PAL unit awhile back, and he gave it a fair run.  See what he has to say in his detailed review of the R-PAL.

R-PAL Lantern Review

R-PAL Battery Discussion October 22 2014

A new YouTube video has been posted, discussing the R-PAL and why only Protected 18650 batteries are supported.

R-PAL Review: Men's Journal October 20 2014

The good people at Men's Journal have field tested and reviewed the R-PAL.

Read what they have to say.

Also, for those who are curious about the second picture in the article, the R-PAL was mounted to the side of the car using a Joby GPod Mini Magnetic.

R-PAL mounted using Joby GPod Mini Magnetic

R-PAL Combo & Family packs now available! October 06 2014

The R-PAL now comes in a combo pack and family pack, both of which are available on Amazon.com!

The R-PAL combo pack comes with 2 Panasonic 18650B protected batteries and a specialized charger.  Keep one battery charged and ready to go while you use the other!

The R-PAL family pack comes with 6 Panasonic 18650B protected batteries and a specialized charger.  Outfit your entire family with the best lantern available.  With 6 batteries included, 2 batteries can always be kept at the ready, ensuring that everyone always has light!

R-PAL vs. Coleman High Tech Mini LED Lantern September 16 2014

For something claiming to be high tech, it sure isn't.  See how the Coleman High Tech Mini LED Lantern compares to the R-PAL.

See how it goes down.

R-PAL vs. Ultimate Survival Technologies Brila September 04 2014

Our most recent video comparison featuring the Ultimate Survival Technologies Brila Mini Lantern has been posted.  The Brila is the only lantern to come close to the R-PAL in size, weight, and mounting solutions.  

See how it stacks up.

R-PAL vs. Coleman Micropacker & XtremeBright LED Camping Lantern August 29 2014

A new comparison video featuring 2 popular lanterns has been posted on our YouTube account.  The Coleman Micropacker and XtremeBright LED Camping Lantern are sized up against the R-PAL.

See how they compare.

R-PAL vs. Blackfire Clamplight Backpack August 26 2014

A new video has been posted comparing the R-PAL to the Blackfire Clamplight Backpack.

The Clamplight Backpack shares many of the same design features as the R-PAL, but executes them poorly.  Out of all of the R-PAL video comparisons, this only goes to show that despite their best efforts, other manufacturers cannot even come close to the R-PAL in terms of feature set and functionality.

See it here.