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R-PAL vs. CREE 40426 / Favourlight LTC-1613AA-W August 18 2014

This time the R-PAL faces off against a lantern that shares many characteristics from previously reviewed lanterns.  However, this lantern is the first to feature a warm white LED, similar to the R-PAL.

See what we have to say.

R-PAL vs. Kelty Lumatech Lantern August 13 2014

We've posted another video comparison of the R-PAL and the Kelty Lumatech Lantern.  The Kelty is the smallest lantern we have found so far.  See how it compares:


Gear Sites and More August 06 2014

It looks as if word about the R-PAL is slowly making it out there.  See what the following gear sites have to say about the R-PAL:



R-PAL Comparison Chart August 05 2014

This document has been circulating on twitter, and now has an official home here on the blog.  See how the R-PAL compares to two of the top selling lanterns on the market:

R-PAL Comparison Chart

R-PAL Review: The Gadgeteer August 04 2014

The Gadgeteer has a hands on review of the R-PAL.

Read the review and see what they have to say.

R-PAL Review: The Firearm Blog August 04 2014

The guys at The Firearm Blog have recently reviewed the R-PAL.

See what they have to say.

Polar Opposites July 07 2014

In the most recent video comparison, the R-PAL is pitted against the extremely large, extremely heavy, and extremely lacking Rayovac Sportsman "Virtually Indestructible" Lantern.

How does it fare?  See for yourself:
http://youtu.be/DT2UtABayB4 (Virtually Indestructible Lantern)

4th of July Promo July 03 2014

We are now offering 20% of the purchase price of the R-PAL using the following promotional code:

Don't celebrate our great nation's independence in the dark!

Another One Bites The Dust July 03 2014

R-PAL vs. the Black Diamond Voyager:
http://youtu.be/gF0lAiVX9jU (Voyager)

New R-PAL Videos On YouTube July 01 2014

Two new videos of the R-PAL have been posted on YouTube, comparing the R-PAL to two of the most popular lanterns currently on the market: The Siege by Streamlight and the Rayovac Sportsman SE3DLN.

Watch the videos here:
http://youtu.be/pZMzqrszPEM (The Siege)
http://youtu.be/82AeK8Ni10c (Sportsman SE3DLN)

Don't forget to watch our original product video here: